How to Create Quiz Games in the Kahoot App

Introduction to KAHOOT:

In this era of pandemic where lockdown of every single place has taken place this is the time to find out the lying opportunities at home only. KAHOOT is a game based learning application that can be used as educational technology and can be used by any educational institute too.

KAHOOT’S are multiple choice questionnaire generated by the user accessible by a web browser or KAHOOT app. KAHOOT is only available in English its URL is Player can login by using this link : is a commercial app. Registration is required for creating quiz no registration is required for quiz participation. There are 50 MILLION  active users of KAHOOT (as of may 2017).KAHOOT was launched in MARCH 2017. TRIVIA quizzes are also included in KAHOOT. Players can use kahoot by their mobile devices too through its web interface.

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