How to Create Kahoot Quiz Games 2021

As we all know due to coronavirus everything is closed and lockdown even school, colleges and universities, and many people are already on vacation. So there is enough time to sharpen the gray matter and to prove yourself against friends, family members or colleagues in a small quiz. The great thing is that there is an app like Kahoot – Play & Create Quizzes ( App Store-Link ), which not only enables you to complete pre-designed question games but also to create your own quiz games. In this post, you will learn how to create Kahoot quiz games step by step complete guide.

Kahoot for iPhone or iPad is generally free to download even for android. If you want, you can activate additional functions using a paid subscription option. The developers also attach great importance to offering their app for teachers and students in educational institutions free of charge. A pro version for schools then contains a photo library with millions of pictures, folders and detailed statistics. Whether you are a teacher, student or leisure quiz master – the basic version of Kahoot can be used free of cost without any problems.

Even if you don’t want to create your own quiz games with questions, you will find a larger selection of existing game rounds on a wide variety of topics in Kahoot. At the end of 2019, the developers are also making some year-specific quiz games available, for example on films and music this year, or Christmas quiz games to match the season. If a friend, colleague, teacher or family member has created a quiz, you can join it using a quiz code.

As a teacher, you are always on the lookout. You are looking for ways to make classes varied, creative and motivating for the students. One simple process to do this is to use “Kahoot!

What is Kahoot?

“Kahoot!” Is a free learning platform based on games. This means that you can play and learn at the same time in the classroom, either in a team or competitively “everyone against everyone”.

How does it work?

All you have to do as a teacher is to register on the Kahoot website. You can then access pre-made games or create your own tasks in minutes. You have the choice between the classic multiple-choice task format, a Jumble task type in which the different answer options have to be put in the right order, a discussion or a survey.

With the common assignment task, questions can be entered with up to four possible answers. You determine the correct solution and enter how much time the students have to answer the question.

After creating the questionnaire, you can start right away: In the classroom, the teacher opens his “Kahoot!” It is decided whether the game participants compete against each other in teams or individually. A PIN number now appears on the screen, which the students enter, for example, with their smartphones under the Kahoot game page.

When all players are logged in, the game can start. The previously entered questions and answer options appear on the screen. Students answer the respective question by clicking the – hopefully correct – answer symbol on their smartphone screen. After each round a ranking of the best players appears, in the end, the winners are determined.

How to Create Kahoot Quiz Step by Step Complete Guide

If you want to create your own quiz for the Kahoot platform, you can do it with just a few simple clicks. Find out exactly how to do this in this practical tip.

  1. First register on Kahoot.
  2. After you have registered and logged in, click on “Quiz”.
  3. In the initial step, you choose a name and a description for your quiz. You can also upload a picture. Determine who the quiz is visible to and specify the language. Continue with a click on “Ok, go”.
  4. You will then see the overview. With a click on “Add question,” you add a question.
  5. There you enter a question and at least two possible answers. You can specify up to four answer options. Then set a time limit and indicate whether there should be points for this question.
  6. Now create further questions or click on “Save” at the top right to save the quiz.
  7. When you’re done, click “I’m done” in the top right corner so your quiz can be completed and published. You can then forward the quiz to your students or friends and family using the “Share it” button.

How to Play Kahoot Quiz

  1. Select quiz and press “Play“.
  2. The two-game modes appear symbolically: “Classic” and “Team mode”. Select what you want.
  3. A so-called game PIN is generated and displayed. The other players choose “Enter PIN” on their device and give themselves or the team a “nickname”. All participants are listed as players.
  4. Once all players have been listed, you can start with “Start”. The question is displayed on the screen, as are the up to four possible answers. Only the up to four colored selection fields that have to be pressed appear on the player devices. The faster, the higher the score that can be achieved. The current ranking appears between the questions, plus a cool soundtrack – pure excitement and action.
  • Tip: The game director should absolutely check all questions and answers for correctness, spelling, and meaningfulness. There are always mistakes in the finished kahoots. But also the self-produced games should be subjected to a thorough examination beforehand to avoid disappointment and frustration among the players.
  • Tip: This game is not only fun in the classroom, but you can also fight fairly at home or with friends.


The Kahoot app! is available free of charge in the app and play store:

  • Everything else can be found in the instructions and video tutorials around the website. 
  • The app Kahoot is on the rental devices of the SMZ Stuttgart already installed.
  • Requirements: Internet “mandatory”. Otherwise, any device from PC to iPod …

Special Functions for Use in Class

The functions for teachers are particularly great: for example, you can create a Kahoot quiz at home and then complete it in the classroom with your students. There are also some live gaming functions where the app can be used as a game controller, and medals can be won. The quiz can also be transferred from an iPhone or iPad to a large screen, and there is also the option of distributing Kahoot quizzes to the students as homework and then following the learning process.

One should keep in mind that the 81 MB app, which is to be installed from iOS 9.3, is so far only available in English. Quiz games can of course also be written in other languages, but the interface and the quizzes provided by Kahoot are still in English. This small but nice quiz app is always fun.

Possible Uses

The possible uses of this tool are, therefore, very diverse. “Kahoot!” S can be used

  • as an icebreaker to introduce and introduce a new topic.
  • To repeat and deepen knowledge.
  • To check the development of the level of knowledge, because you have the opportunity to compare and improve the new with the old result when you play again.
  • To promote and strengthen teamwork and collaboration.
  • For exam preparation.
  • To let the students slip into the teacher role when creating their own “Kahoot!” s.

and (this is new):

  • As homework with the mobile app.


The advantages of “Kahoot!” Are obvious, because there are very few students of any age, for whom the use of a game in the classroom is not motivating. The students will also be picked up in their everyday reality, as the use of smartphones is part of the everyday life of young people. With “Kahoot!” S, common types of examination-relevant tasks can be easily modified and used in a very varied manner.


In English classes in a 12th grade of the technical college, after reading a text, the multiple-choice tasks of the Reading Comprehension were presented as “Kahoot!”.

The pre-class curriculum PLUS requires the students to deliberately deal with “the English language and the cultural areas associated with it (e.g. USA, Great Britain, Australia)”. As part of this expectation of competence, the classroom knowledge of the pupils was checked in a teaching unit on “Great Britain” using a “Kahoot!” The class had a lot of fun answering the questions with the smartphones, which can also be seen in the winning photo:

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