Kahoot Ghost Mode – Ideas to Take Advantage of the Ghost Mode

Kahoot ghost mode is one of the most interesting functions to increase the motivation of those students who are no longer surprised playing Kahoot because they have played many times.

In this post, we are going to present some ideas that will allow you to get the most out of the ghost mode.

Compete against Famous People or Celebrities

We propose a fictional game mode against a celebrity related to the theme of the game content. For example, compete against Einstein in a physics Kahoot, or against Nelson Mandela in a Kahoot on Human Rights. To do this, what we have to do is play previously by entering as the nickname the name of that celebrity. In this way, that fictitious “Einstein” will appear in the ranking panel after each response.

Compete against the Previous Score

Ghost mode allows students to face their previous scores. We can send the link or post it on our blog or digital platform so that they can play with the score they got when they were in class.

Competing against a Teacher from Another subject

What student does not feel like winning the language teacher in a Kahoot about mathematics. We can invite classmates to play a Kahoot on a specific topic, and then our students will play against their score. Ideally, the opening video of the Kahoot will be that the teacher is challenging them to beat him.

Compete against Another Class

Kahoot’s social aspect is one of his keys to success. Its creators assure that the results are much better when the students have the feeling of winning as a team than when they do it individually. Therefore, we can play a Kahoot with a group in which students from another group have already participated, so that they have their peers’ scores as a reference.