What is Kahoot – How to Use Kahoot in 2021

Here are some videos that can help you in the first steps when using Kahoot. Here you will learn what is Kahoot and how to use Kahoot step by step a complete video guide.

Ideas for Using Kahoot in the Classroom:

Here you have different resources to use Kahoot in the classroom.

  1. Do you want to know how to create a game?
  2. How to ask the questions of a Kahoot?
  3. Tricks to increase the quality of your games
  4. Some tricks you still don’t know about Kahoot
  5. Ideas to take advantage of the ghost mode of Kahoot
  6. What is a blind Kahoot?
  7. Kahoot and cooperative learning
  8. Kahoot and learning through research
  9. From apprentices to leaders
  10. How to analyze the results of a Kahoot?
  11. Manage motivation in Kahoot by modifying the reward system
  12. Kahoot faq

What Is Kahoot?

How can We Start using Kahoot?

How to Create a Kahoot Game?

How to Play Kahoot?

What is a Blind Kahoot!?