Kahoot Login – Sign up & Sign in For Teachers/Students

Kahoot Login

Kahoot is an Audience Response System that allows you to create online quizzes, questionnaires, games or surveys, and tests using a simple and intuitive user interface. The particular aspect of this application is that it offers quizzes, in a fun way, in the form of a race, very engaging for students.

In addition, the results of the quizzes are available in real-time in the form of tables and graphs, in this way the evaluation aspect is not overlooked. It is a very versatile application because it can be used not only to create online quizzes but also for challenges between students of the same class or different classes, to introduce a new topic by proposing stimulus questions, to collect ideas, opinions, etc. In addition, Kahoot is very easy and intuitive to use.

The Kahoot application is available for all and you can use its free version without any charges and it can be accessed through any device like PC, tablet or smartphone. Start learning excellently with Kahoot, the ultimate educational program for all the ages.  If you are not aware of this platform, we will guide everything to you in creating your new account and how you can log in to this platform from here.


Everyone can easily create a Kahoot account without any cost and start using this platform instantly. Here we will guide you on how to create a new Kahoor Account with proper step by step guide and screenshots. Just follow the step below and you will be able to create your own account within just few minutes and get daily new learning information from this platform.

How to Sign Up Kahoot Account?

Kahoot has two access modes: one as a quiz creator (teacher), the other as a user who has to take the quiz (student):

Step: 1

In the first case we will guide how to create teacher Kahoot account for free, here we have mentioned the official Kahoot website link: Go to click here and then on “Sign up “. Register by clicking on the Sign Up button, a new page will be displayed with four different options asking you to use Kahoot (as a teacher, as a student socially or at work). We recommend you to start using this platform as a teacher. Choose I want to use Kahoot as a teacher option from the available four options.

Step: 2

You can register with Google, Microsoft or using your email. Choose the desired way of registration (we recommend Microsoft [use your access data of the DHBW teaching network] or email) and log in accordingly with your access data.

Step: 3

You will then be asked to provide some information about the name of the school or university where you teach, after that you need to choose a user name and password and enter your email address and accept the terms and conditions. Then click Join Kahoot and finished.

Step: 4

Note that to log in as a teacher you need to register, or use a Microsoft or Google account, while to log in as a student you do not need to register, but a code (Game Pin) provided by the teacher is sufficient. However, if you still want to sign up as a student you can proceed the same procedure just select as a student option instead of as a teacher.

Step: 5

Then you will have to decide whether to use the free version or the paid version. Our article continues with the free version.

Step: 6

Once this is done, you will access the main screen of your profile, which will allow you to create the activities you want to submit to your students by clicking on “Create” at the top right.

Three Types of Activities

Once logged in as teachers it is possible to create three types of activities:

  • Quiz: multiple choice questions or true or false;
  • Jumble: that is, ordering four elements correctly according to a criterion, for example, chronological;
  • Survey: that is, surveys.


Create online quizzes with Kahoot, it is extremely easy, as the user interface is intuitive and easy to follow in all the steps that will lead to the formation of the questionnaire. The text of the question must be entered in the top bar. By clicking on the circle with the writing 20 sec we can select the time that students will have available to answer.

We can insert images by choosing from those already present on the site, or by uploading them from the internet. When will we enter the answers, in the central square there will be shown some linked images, we are careful not to select those that have an orange sticker with a white crown because they are those that can be used in the paid version? The blue button at the top-left “Add question” allows us to insert other questions while clicking on “Question bank” we have access to a database of questions on the site.

Multiple Answers or True / False?

Through the white box at the top left we can choose between multiple answers and true or false, the other two options “slide” and “poll” are available only to those who have selected the paid account.

Jumble Question Creation

Jumble’s creation is also very intuitive. In the top bar, you have to enter the title, under a short description, then you have to press on “OK” go to continue.

In the next screen, we can enter the first question, the time limit, and the answers in the correct order, which will be mixed during the game. Here is also we can choose an image, upload it from the internet or insert a youtube link.

Survey Category

Finally, we have a category “Survey”. The procedure is the same as the previous ones, you must first enter the title and description, and then enter the question and the various answers.

Saving our Project

Once our activity is finished, just click on “finish”. It will be inserted on the homepage under the heading “My Kahoots”. 

How to get students Involved

When the teacher launches the quiz, the application generates a code which, communicated to the learners, will allow them to access through the following site: https://kahoot.it.

Once the student has entered the code and his name, the student will have to wait for all the participants to perform the same operations. Once the participants have been inserted, the teacher will start the quiz by clicking on the “Start” button. At this point, the question and the four alternative answers will appear on the teacher’s screen (LIM, PC, etc.). The answers are associated with different colored rectangles. The latter will appear on the screen of the players who must press on the rectangle they consider associated with the correct answer. When all the players have given the answer, we proceed to the next question. So until the end of the quiz.

Score in Real-Time

At each step to the next question, the application will show the score of the first four classifieds, calculated on the basis of the correct answer and the speed with which they answered. This turns the quiz into a real game that excites students. At the end of the quiz, the teacher will be able to view the answers given by the individual students with the relative score, which can be transformed into a grade. In addition, the application records all the results in a spreadsheet that the teacher can download and print.

A Quiz Database at your Disposal

Another interesting feature of this application is that it provides the teacher with millions of ready-made quizzes (obviously in all languages) which can be downloaded with a simple click and possibly modified, adding other questions. To do this, click on the “Public Kahoot!” Button.

Kahoot Login as a Student

In this section, we will guide you on how can you do Kahoot login as a student. So, first of all, you require to have a proper student account on the Kahoot platform. But if you don’t have any don’t worry it is very easy to create a student Kahoot account you just need to follow the above-mentioned steps.

Step 1:

First of all, you need to fo the official site link of the Kahoot platform. Here we have mentioned the official Kahoot website link click on it https://kahoot.com/. You will get the main page of the Kahoot platform.

Step 2:

After clicking on the main home page of the official Kahoot website you would see the “Log in” option at the upper right corner of the platform.

Step 3:

The next step is to click on to the Log in option given there.


After that, a new tap will be open with different options asking you to provide your Kahoot student account login detail such as username and password or email.

Step 5:

In the end, once you put the username and password detail of your Kahoot student account, click on the login button given at the bottom of the page.

So, this is the process of how you can easily create a new Kahoot account either a student or a teacher and can log in to this platform with just a few simple steps. And the interesting thing is that you can also explore the Kahoot platform remotely on your android and ios devices.

If you have an Android or iOS phone, you can click on the below-given links from where you can download and install the Kahoot application on a particular platform. You will be ready to use and explore the whole platform directly on your smartphone.

Android user download kahoot app from the link below:

Download Kahoot on Android

Kahoot Login As an Account

Step 1:

The First step is, you have to open your desktop and start the web browser application on your PC.

Step 2:

Now the second step is, you need to go to the address bar of your browser PC and writer the official Kahoot’s Website name https://kahoot.com. You can click the following link to visit the Kahoot’s official website.

Step 3:

After clicking on the above mentioned Kahoot website link you will reach on the main home page Kahoot’s official website. 

Step 4:

After landing on the website you could see the login button beside the signup button at the upper right corner. But if you don’t have a Kahoot platform account, don’t worry you can easily create a new Kahoot account from the Sign-up option. But if you have already your account, you just need to click the Login button.

Step 5:

The next Login page will be open with some required details to provide the right Kahoot Username and a Password.

Step 6:

After you entered the valid login username and a password detail, click the Sign In option.

Step 7:

You will be landed on the main page of your Kahoot’s account. You can now begin your productive journey on the Kahoot’s platform.

After the teacher has login with Kahoot, question sets can be created. A question can be asked in the form of pictures or videos. If the quiz is not to be publicly accessible, the “Private” option must be selected under “Privacy settings”.

When the quiz is finished, just click on “Play” and on “Launch” to start. The students now have time to dial into the quiz. To do this, they must open the website www.kahoot.it on their smartphones, tablets or computers and enter the pin and a name shown on the projection. The quiz can begin.

The learners choose from the answer options and receive points. At the end of the game, there is an overall ranking with one winner. 

Kahoot.it login

When you connect your Kahoot account with a google or Microsoft account, individual registrations will request you to log in to support this new connection.

Fill in your past certifications to proceed. In the event that you log in with the email, at that moment you will be asked to back up the registration by opening your email address and joining the connection that was provided to you.

After he has finished his sign in subtleties in our structure. Now you can continue permanently and log in to our application. Fill in the user privilege and the combo secret key.

Here is the link for IOS users you can clink the link below and and download kahoot app on IOS device.

Download Kahoot on iOS

Kahoot FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is Kahoot?

Kahoot is an online game-based learning platform where users can create a quiz for the whole class, whereby the pre-prepared questions are presented by the teacher in the class using a projector or a smartboard. The students answer the questions individually or in teams on their smartphones/tablets / PCs by choosing the correct answer from four possible answers. There are points for that. Use our freely accessible Kahoot Quiz to increase your financial competence or that of your students. You can find more information about Kahoot on the website kahoot.com.

Is there any Kahoot app available?

Yes, of course, you can easily install and download the Kahoot application on your Andriod and IOS devices with just a single click and within just a few minutes. Moreover, you can also get the Kahoot application on Microsoft Store for Windows 10 PCs.

How to Play a Kahoot Game?

  • As a teacher, click on the respective quiz and present it in the classroom using a projector/smartboard. You can choose between Classic Mode (students play individually) or Team Mode (students play in groups). The game PIN is then displayed in the Kahoot, which the students enter on their smartphones/tablets / PCs.
  • The students go to the website https://kahoot.it and enter this game PIN for the quiz and then their name.
  • If all students are logged in, the teacher can start the quiz by clicking on the “Start” button.

How do We find a Game PIN Code on Kahoot?

In Kahoot, each game creates a different code I.e. PIN code for Kahoot login. Kahoot PIN is very essential to join a Kahoot platform, especially for a student. In order to search for a game PIN, you need to be in a place where someone is hosting the game. You could see the Kahoot when the screen is started and this is how you can get a game PIN code in the Kahoot platform. You can also search the Kahoot game pin code from different social media platforms.

What is the Differences between the Basic, Pro and Premium versions

For the purposes of this article, it is more than enough to make use of the free version for teachers from beginning to high school (K-12 Teachers), which has everything that normally can serve, leaving paid plans for specific activities, group work or large organizations. Using a paid plan can be a way of supporting Kahoot to cover platform management and development costs.

The Pro version (3 $ teacher per month) compared to the free one offers more the possibility of organizing the quizzes in folders, editing and sharing quizzes among multiple teachers, advanced reporting and the removal of advertisements that at present are minimal and various more as the picture below.

The Premium version (6 $ teacher per month) also has priority support, public profile, flexible payments and also the possibility of obtaining certification. With Kahoot! The premium for schools, you can collaborate with your colleagues and save time by creating games together. You can share your Kahoot in your team space and organize them in folders for easy navigation.

What is Kahoot used for and by whom?

Kahoot! it is generally used for Blended Flipped Classroom teaching, in the formative evaluation, to monitor the progress of each student towards learning objectives, identify strengths and weaknesses, and identify the areas in which students could draw benefit from a deepening with the teacher and fill any gaps for that subject.

Kahoot! it is also useful for introducing new topics and learning new concepts, such as training before exams, organizing challenges with other classes and wanting all over the world, gathering opinions of surveys, gathering ideas, facilitating discussion, or even just to do an activity fun in the class that breaks the routine and involves everyone.

Most Kahoot users! they are students and teachers of the School, but different realities make use of it in the University, in post-graduate training and in companies for staff training.

Can We join two Kahoots?

If we do Kahoots over a four-month period of the different contents, it might be interesting to join them all at the end or every two or three Kahoots in order to evaluate previous content. At the moment Kahoot does not allow it, but it can be solved by selecting several Kahoots from my My Kahoots list and clicking on the Play selected option. In this way, when you finish a Kahoot, the next one will begin.

What happens if I don’t want students to get points?

The idea that students do not get points in a Kahoot can be interesting if what interests us is that they focus on the process and not on the result. Sometimes, it happens that the ranking and the points received absorbs too much energy. To avoid this, the Quiz mode allows you to configure a specific question so that it is not scoreable.

On the other hand, the Survey mode allows questionnaires to be asked with questions in the same way as in Quiz, but the questions will never score, nor will they say whether they are correct or incorrect.

How Kahoot Works?

Kahoot is a website where you can easily create and share quizzes and surveys. A charming aspect is that you can play Kahoot together with others. The game master (and quiz creator) starts the quiz on the website and the game generates a combination of numbers. All participating players can now participate in the game via an app or the website by entering this combination of numbers.

The teacher projects through AppleTV the questions that they will answer on their device. For each correct answer, the students obtain a cumulative score until the end of the game, where a ranking marks the position of each one. It is not an exam, it is a classification in which your child can observe his position, set a goal and strive to achieve being or staying in the first positions. This will increase your focus on the activity and push you to improve your performance through work at home and consistency. In short, this type of tool manages to motivate the student .

As if that were not enough, they themselves can jointly ask their own questions and project them, in the same way that the teacher with Apple TV, to their classmates. When you are able to explain why that solution is the correct one, it is when the learning is completed.

Kahoot Conclusions, Ideas, and Tips for Creative Uses

Review topics, strengthen knowledge, recapitulate learning, pre-evaluate, and practice before exams. The review has become twice as beautiful! Now you can also assign Kahoots as homework. Rewarding a Kahoot to break the ice, energize a class, reward good behavior or just have some fun

Class information: Test personal knowledge, evaluate understanding or create a Kahoot to assist formative assessment, probe opinions, and insights, facilitate discussion, and initiate discussion. Motivating teamwork  Kahoot helps students develop 21st-century skills, including communication and teamwork. Encourage collaboration in your classroom by playing in team mode.

Use Ghost mode to play against your previous score … or someone else’s! Perfect for strengthening knowledge, evaluating progress, and reinforcing through repetition. Sign up for global classes. Connect with classes in over 180 countries and play together in real-time using screen sharing. Introduce new topics 

Make a Kahoot to kick off a lesson, offer new concepts or preview content. Turn students into leaders. Close the learning cycle, challenge students to create their own Kahoot, individually or in a group. Collaborate with colleagues both locally in your school and online, introducing new concepts and sharing knowledge.